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Harding's High Quality Wild Simulated Ginseng
is among the best and most potent Ginseng available.


Potency Testing
Harding's Ginsenoside Levels

Ginsenoside is the active ingredient/chemical that gives ginseng its energy boosting and stimulating effects. The percentage of this chemical in ginseng roots determines potency. Two major factors determine the potency of ginseng, its age and how it was grown. Wild ginseng is usually considered the most potent due to the fact that the harvested roots are usually older, and growing in the wild provides the perfect environment for Ginsenoside production within the plant.

We do not harvest our ginseng roots until they are at least 6 -8 years old more to ensure maximum Ginsenoside levels.

At Harding's Wild Mountain Herbs we specialize in the growing of the next best thing to wild, and that's Woods Grown Wild Simulated Ginseng. We grow our crop in the woods in a natural way under the canopy of the hardwood forest. Our roots are sought after for their wild appearance and high Ginsenoside levels. Our usage of seed stock developed from wild seed gathered locally also results in a premium root with maximum potency. We grow wild seed in wild conditions, at the perfect elevation, to get a genetically wild plant grown under the same conditions as native ginseng would naturally occur.



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