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Test Results show that Harding's Ginseng is high in Ginsenosides, and our high quality product guarantees the healthiest and the closest root to wild ginseng that money can buy. Roots are carefully dug and cured. Our standard dry root is at least 8 years old, and most of the time what you get is older. We can fill special requests for older roots, please call or contact us if you have any questions.

Gift Boxes

8 Year Old Root
10 Year Old Root
12 Year Old Root
14 Year Old Root

Dry Root
1/4oz - $34.95   
1/2oz - $59.95   
1oz - $98.95   
2oz - $189.95   
4oz - $349.95   
8oz - $598.95   

Fresh Ginseng Root
Fresh Green Ginseng Root
4oz - $119.95   
8oz - $229.95   
1lb - $389.95   
2lb - $669.95   
5lb - $1539.95   

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